Friday, 30 July 2010

UK FILM COUNCIL CLOSURE: The Best Reaction so Far

From the Daily Mash:

THE closure of the UK Film Council is a largely Danny Dyer-based decision, the culture secretary confirmed last night.

A sequel to Lesbian Vampire Killers is now looking increasingly unlikelyJeremy Hunt said the closure will mean the loss of 75 jobs but also guarantees a 92% reduction in poisonously bad Mockney crime capers over the next three years.

The Football Factory 'actor' who deliberately misspells his surname, will be slowly wound down over the next 18 months and eventually shoved off the end of Clacton pier.

Mr Hunt said: "It wasn't just Dyer, of course. Sex Lives Of The Potato Men, St Trinians, St Trinians II, that awful piece of shit about the spaceship on the way to the sun - please stop me when you've spotted the new Lawrence of Arabia."

Director Roy Hobbs has been forced him to postpone his latest film, You Fackin' Slag, a gritty, uncompromising drama about people who live in a horrible place but retain a wonderful sense of humour and rob a bank.

He added: "This is a disastrous decision that will force the British film industry into making films people actually want to see. Meanwhile I've got at least four Winstones sitting around doing nothing on time and a half."

Julian Cook, editor of Cinema magazine, said: "Thanks to public subsidy Britain is making some fantastic films such as the The Football Factory, the St Trinian's series and that wonderful film about the spaceship on the way to the sun.

"Meanwhile the best the Americans can come up with is rubbish like Sideways, Juno, Good Night and Good Luck, No Country for Old Men and The Godfather.

"Just imagine how good The Godfather could have been, if only it had been part-funded by the government."

Ken Loach, the artistic force behind some of the most wilfully unpopular British films of the last 40 years, insisted he would bring some of his trademark realism to his next project, a chalk and cheese buddy cop movie featuring a talkative pussy.

Loach said: "Admittedly Meow You're Talkin! is a change of pace for me, but it will be infused with authenticity, if we can just get the cat to improvise."

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